Our mascot

Introducing George, the Brands at Work mascot. He’s one of a kind, with a stripe pattern as unique as a fingerprint. From an early age, our George knew the best way to thrive was to stand out. It meant being bold, brave and intelligently imaginative.

After all, when you’re fearlessly out in the open, it pays to be curious, to ask the right questions and to challenge the obvious.

George always said what he meant and did what he promised. He wasn't like the rest. Why fit in? So eventually, he evolved a set of stripes that combined glorious black, white... and blue. (Just don't ask him why. He can’t explain it.)

Safe to say, in George’s competitive world, action means everything. Just like us, he’s a very different kind of animal.

It takes all stripes

We love different. Different backgrounds, different ideas. They help us create fascinating stories. Which is why our herd hails from all walks of life. We come with all manner of different stripes – and a challenger mindset that doesn't settle for anything less than brilliant.

Meet the herd

Managing Partner

The co-founder of Brands at Work who both thinks and speaks blazingly quickly… not necessarily in that order.

Managing Partner

Bringing a bit of Britishness to global audiences.

Key Account Director

Passionate about the 3 P’s: Meeting people, visiting new places and my puppy!


In show business you’ve got to sell the sizzle not the sausage.

Operations Manager

Making the world a better place one cheeky, sarcastic comment at a time. But when that’s not appropriate he does what he can through managing operations too.

Creative Director

Wearer of hats, rider of unicorns. Mostly hats though.

Event Manager

Ambitions of being a neuro surgeon, I am just biding my time in events until then.

Technical Director

The Devil is in the detail.

Client Account Manager

'Exercise? I thought you said extra fries!' Pav eats 5,000 calories a day to power his passion for client service and fuel his fitness obsession.

Finance Assistant

Instagram Dr Doolittle... Real Life Mr Bean

Creative Associate

Singer songwriter turned events maven.

Financial Controller

Bean Counter by day, Jazz Singer by night!

Event Coordinator

The double agent - Came over from client side and never looked back!

Production Assistant

When I'm not monkeying around, I'm bananas about events… but that's a gibbon

Senior Producer

Would be comedy writer in my spare time. Have you heard the one about...


I'm not very font of people who think that graphic designers are mind-readers, they are just not my type.

Executive Producer

Former chef now cooking up great events.

Motion Image Director

A head full of manure, that’s why all the good ideas grow there.

Account Director

There's snow business like show business.

Graphic Designer and Programmer

Client:" How good are you at PowerPoint?"
Me: "I Excel at it"
Client: "Was that a Microsoft office pun?"
Me: "Word"

Senior Creative Producer

With a pinch of glitter and a dash of repartee she delivers unforgettable events!

Production Assistant

I’m not small, I’m a fun-size pocket rocket! 🚀

Event Co-Ordinator

Some things are basic, but your hair shouldn't be one! Live your life in colour.

Marketing and Client Services Executive

Lover of food, holidays and puppies... (mostly puppies)

Dr. Chirag
Senior Creative Producer

It's a hill. Get over it. Run!

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