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Brands are built one thought, one idea at a time. But there’s a big difference between thinking something and actually doing it. We bridge that gap, transforming complex strategy and brilliant ideas into bold experiences. We put your stories to work, engaging audiences and getting lasting results.

We are ideas in action. We are Brands at Work.

Unleash the power of experience.

Some call it business insight. Others, creative artistry. The good news is we excel in both. We put message before medium, start with a clean sheet of paper and an open mind, and always challenge the rules. We never liked rules, anyway.

One thing we never compromise on is creating experiences that shape beliefs, inspire action and transform performance.

Nothing beats live. So, we plan, design, create and manage unforgettable events, experiences and brand activations worldwide:

Regional & National MeetingsConferencesProduct LaunchesAwards ShowsPress EventsConsumer Activations
Road ShowsBrand TheatreEvent Management & LogisticsExhibition Stands & Experiential Environments

Our clients are captains
of industry

No two clients are quite the same. But ours all want to challenge the status quo. Shake things up. Seek out opportunity. And do rather than just say. What they need is action – and that's where we come in.

Our Responsibilities

We are aware that our business activities and those of our partners have an impact upon the wider environment. There are however tangible steps we can take in order to minimise and offset our impact and in fact use our skills and experience to act as a meaningful force for good. Our CSR policy is therefore of fundamental importance to us in terms of compensating for any negative impact but also for helping others and giving something back.

The aim of our strategy is to address and minimise environmental issues and to focus upon opportunities to give back in a way that is directly relevant and closely aligned to our business and that of our wider industry. We aim to support causes that are relevant and often local to our own business and that may be overlooked by others. Our environmental focus aims to ensure that we minimise the impact of the day to day running of our own business and activities we carry out in conjunction with our clients.

It is well known that the events industry operates in a high-stress environment and therefore the happiness and wellbeing of our team is of fundamental importance to the long-term success of the business. We aim to support our staff both within and outside of the business environment so that they are able to deal with pressure constructively. In the process we aim to help them learn more about their own strengths and how these can be used to benefit their own long-term careers.

We recognise that a meaningful and robust CSR strategy does not need to conflict but should in fact enhance the good of the business and this further strengthens our commitment to our core CSR objectives.

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